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A Comparison of Visual Studio 11 Beta Editions

Microsoft announce that Feb 29th 2012 will be the release for Visual Studio and TFS 11 beta, they publish a comparison of the different between Visual Studio 11 beta editions. We will find very excited features like "Windows 8 Metro Style Simulator" and "Windows Phone 7 Emulator" that will be available for all edition (Ultimate, Premium, Professional) , there are many other new feature that seems amazing, we really waiting this release. For complete comparison of all features, see the following link: There is also good news about release TFS Express for free that will include

  • Source Code Control
  • Work Item Tracking
  • Build Automation
  • Agile Taskboard
  • and more.

TFS Express has some limitation

  • No Sharepoint integration, no reporting
  • Is limited to no more than 5 named users.
  • Only supports SQL Server Express Edition (which we'll install for you, if you don't have it)
  • Can only be installed on a single server (no multi-server configurations)
  • Includes the Agile Taskboard but not sprint/backlog planning or feedback management.
  • Excludes the TFS Proxy and the new Preemptive analytics add-on.

Fore more informationm you can visit the following link: Comming Soon TFS Express

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