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Azure & DevOps Study Group Community Initiative

I am delighted to announce our community initiative Azure & DevOps Study Group which will provide teaching and sharing Cloud and DevOps experience knowledge for free with the community.

Azure & DevOps Study Group

Azure & DevOps Study Group has more than 18 cloud experts contributors who will teach and share their cloud expertise with the community. We have several contributors and top technical leaders from the EU like UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Slovakia. Also, from Middle East like Egypt, UAE, Qatar as well as India.

Azure DevOps Study Group Contributors

Azure DevOps Study Group Contributors

The Study Group will provide a complete roadmap and study lessons to the cloud for all people that they would like to start their journey to the cloud and DevOps. Azure & DevOps Study Group is an open-source initiative that believes in open-source education. It aims to help and educate people all over the world to learn Cloud and DevOps for free and from professional experts. It will teach and help people to implement the best practices through different activities targeting a variety of tools, technologies, and platforms.

Cloud and DevOps are some of the most emerging topics of the software industry today as it improves the whole software development and delivery lifecycle. We aim to teach the best modern engineering practices on real-world examples and demos; Also, we aim to prepare all our community members for the several Azure exams by practicing on many questions after each lesson. Also, give them the opportunity to ask any question or clear any doubt and hear more than one expert opinion.

All sessions will be live on YouTube as well as host in Microsoft Teams. So, people can communicate directly with the experts and ask their questions or clear their doubts. Also, all sessions will be recorded and will be available on YouTube for later views. Join and subscribe here:

Azure & DevOps Study Group has more than 1100 members from more than 40 countries. Join us to learn and build a more professional IT network.

Azure & DevOps Study Group members

Read more about the code of conduct here: you have any questions? Reach out to me or ask questions on GitHub.

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