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Configure TFS 2010 Alert using Local SMTP that use Gmail account

When I start the task of configuring TFS Alert I found very good article on how to configure this alert using the Gmail, see the following link

Thanks Albruno for this post Any way when I start test the example all I need to do just stop and start the SMTP server from IIS 6.0 Manager and the e-mails will be sent, I also decide to decrease all the time for the retry time which is the first one is 15 minutes to be 5 minutes and so on You can also test the email using Telnet for more information google how to send email using telnet Don't forget to change the service to be automated start for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service We will also configure the alert in the MOSS 2010 as the following:

Configure outgoing e-mail for a farm by using Central Administration in MOSS 2010

  1. In Central Administration, click System Settings.
  2. On the System Settings page, in the E-Mail and Text Messages (SMS) section, click Configure outgoing e-mail settings.
  3. On the Outgoing E-Mail Settings page, in the Mail Settings section, type the SMTP server name for outgoing e-mail (for example, in the Outbound SMTP server box.
  4. In the From address box, type the e-mail address as you want it to be displayed to e-mail recipients.
  5. In the Reply-to address box, type the e-mail address to which you want e-mail recipients to reply.
  6. In the Character set list, select the character set that is appropriate for your language.
  7. Click OK.
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