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Converting My Physical Domain controller to a Virtual machine P2V

One of the strongest feature in SCVMM is the ability to convert from physical machine to virtual machine and this what they called P2V. When I try to use this feature I have an error that said "[Boot andor System volume C was not selected or is not found on source machine]{style=”color:#ff0000;”} " So after some research I do the following: Open the CMD on the physical machine after I put the win 2008 DVD on the DVD drive enter the following command

  • [The drive letter for your DVD drive]{.variable}:
  • cd boot
  • bootsect /nt52 c: /force

For more information click the following link But after the machine restarted there was another error that said " [NTLDR is missing]{style=”color:#ff0000;”} " So I restart the machine with Win DVD on the DVD drive and start repair it with command line tool and enter the following values

  • bootrec.exe /FixMbr
  • bootrec.exe /FixBoot
  • bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd

For more information click the following link After that I restart the machine and try the convert again and everything was very good.

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