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Dev Magic Fake Released on CodePlex

Finally I released the beta version of Dev Magic Fake framework, Dev Magic Fake framework is an open source project that provide faking activity so we can complete our application without need to write any code in the underline layers, Dev Magic Fake framework will provide the ability to make running prototype that will not be thrown and considered as the first phase of the project Dev Magic Fake mainly created to work with ASP MVC to help implement Test Driven Development, because test driven need the behaviors that will build the test, Dev Magic Fake simulate data model and its working like mock object and unit testing framework Dev Magic Fake not just code framework, Dev Magic Fake is a software development approach for the Agile methodology, Dev Magic Fake working better with TDD and MVC pattern For more information about Dev Magic Fake and how to use, please see the Codeplex site for more documentation about features and help files

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