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Did you really need DevMagicFake????

Till now I didn't get the feedback that I expected from publishing my project DevMagicFake on CodePlex,

I believe that DevMagicFake will really make different change of the programming life style, quality and productivity for software development. But to do this, it just need to be understood very well first, because most of the people who give me feedback didn't get the whole point of DevMagicFake. I will keep explaining why and why you will really need to use DevMagicFake, let's see the following scenario: Suppose we are working on a feature that require our system to have 1000 products, 100 customers and each customer has made 50 orders and each order has 20 line items and each line of item should belong to one product of the 1000 products. WOW to Design, Develop and Test this feature we will need to develop the feature and use the completed UI features to enter all these data (if the UI is complete?) and even if the UI is complete this will take too much time specially I always change object model and data structure of my classes or my DB, I can't even make any automation to enter the data through the UI, this because also the changing that always happen :-( Even if we have DB and we start generate data, the generated data will not belong to each other and will not give us the consistence data that we really want to work on our feature to Design, Development **and **Test it. Just think how many times we change the structure of the objects and the DB??? So how we can do this in no time???? DevMagicFake can do this with one line of code, so we can start working and testing and make a real good design for our feature as we already enter all these data even with any change happen every time Think of

  • Develop by feature
  • Test Driven Development
  • Test Driven Design
  • I didn't complete the whole database
  • I always change my object model and always need to be existing data related to each other with the new modification of the object model classes I have made

What is the solution?????? DevMagicFake will help us do this with no effort at all.


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