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Fix Build-Deploy-Test workflow error, There are no test cases matching the criteria specified

You may face the following error while you are running your Build-Deploy-Test workflow:

Exception Message: There are no test cases matching the criteria specified. Use Microsoft Test Manager to view the test cases.

This could happen for many reasons:

  1. You didn’t select the test suites that include your test cases: Make sure you select the correct test suites, see the following image:

    Test Suites Selection

  2. You chose the wrong configuration: Ensure you select the right configuration that matches the one existing in the test plan, see the following images:

    Configuration Selection

    Configuration Details

If you want to change the configuration for the test plan, follow these steps:

  1. Open your test plan, select your test suite, and select all your test cases that you want to change their configuration.

    Select Test Suite

  2. Click on configuration and change the configuration.

    Change Configuration

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