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Fix the 'You do not have permissions to see this view. Contact a system administrator CRM (Microsoft CRM)' error

Usually, if I have a problem that takes some time to resolve, I blog about it to help other people who might have the same issue.

After adding a new user to Dynamics 365 (on-premises)

Despite assigning a System Administrator Role to it, a lot of information was still not available to this user, and the following error was appearing:

You do not have permissions to see this view. Contact a system administrator CRM

The image below demonstrates the process of assigning roles in Dynamics 365:

Managing User Roles in Dynamics 365

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After some research, I realized that to solve the problem everything I needed to do was to change the Administration to:

  • Read-Write
  • License: professional

Dynamics 365 - Administrating Client Access

I hope this helps!

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