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How to create template on the SCVMM to be used with creating virtual environment on Lab Management?

[Updated on April 17, 2012]You can see the full video series (93 videos) of install and configure TFS 2010 in enterprise, see the guide on the Codeplex [End of April 17, 2012 update]{style=”color:#0000ff;”}

First of all, you can create the template with an auto tool which exists at the following links:

But I prefer to describe the manual process so we can understand what happens there. So, what are the steps?

  • Install OS, SP, and any needed components.
  • Install the Test Agent (and don't configure).
  • Install the Lab Agent (no configuration needed).
  • Install the Build Agent (and don't configure).
  • Because I didn't use DHCP in my domain, I make a static IP for the DNS on the virtual machine. This IP points to my domain so when I create a new environment, I can join the domain automatically while creating the environment.
  • I also enable the Win 2008 R2 feature (.NET Framework 3.5) because the Build Agent will need it.
  • I fix the date and time because Egypt now changed the summer time, no longer change.

After I create the environment, I make the following, just for reminding:

  • Configure Test Agent for client machine as an interactive process with TFSLAB account.
  • Add TFSBUILD account to the Administrators local group account for any virtual machine that will have build.
  • Configure Build Agent using TFSBUILD account ([no longer needed, see this post] click here).
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