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How to open Chm file on Windows 8 as temp solution for now?

I was stacked in how to open chm file on Windows 8 , I read many posts about some registery option and disable UAC but nothing work :-( So I start search for winhelp for Windows 8 , but I couldn't found it too :-( This maybe because I am working on Windows 8 CP and the other HDD has Windows 8 RP but it's not stable on my Laptop (Dell XPS) specially with touch screen driver that still a beta with some error of course, so the following solution is just a temp for now, by the way if you want to have a look on Windows 8 on touch screen, see the this post So finally I search for Ubuntu chm file so I found this wonderful application that makes me able to view chm file :-) xCHM Download it form here

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