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Microsoft vs. Others

I work in a company that has different technology environment so most of the time you find other technology people said jokes about Microsoft, how is the .NET is very simple and it just drag and drop solution and we as a developer didn't do anything except drag and drop, how Microsoft system are bugy and not working well, you will find many videos on the internet mention some issues regarding Microsoft, but guess what?

You will not find any video saying Java or PHP or Google is bad, so what does it mean? [We don't care!!]

Microsoft is a big successful story and so it has many enemies, and this what they called the enemies of success. I have some issues with Microsoft products too like any other products (Zero defect is not possible)  but you have to be fair when you compare between Airplane and bicycle, most of the time I see this comparison happen and just mention issues and of-cures the biggest  is more issues it will has, but how about the features and the integration comparison???  No one talk about it!!! So lets me category those people that they said or talk about Microsoft technology in a bad way.

  • Microsoft technology failure's These people start with Microsoft and fail to be good not because Microsoft it's not good but because they are failures and losers
  • Shallow people They don't know anything, they didn't even know  what exist and Microsoft can perform but just repeat what they hear and what the others said it just a drag and drop technology ???, these are very stupid and what they said is the prove what they are, I challenge anyone of them to prove of what he exactly  knows about Microsoft technology ????, they just know names so let me say to them (Did you know how many products Microsoft produce and how these products integrated  with each other ???) Your answer is far more than you can imagine from the truth, so they didn’t even know the names?????
  • Racial People They just hit anything else, they didn't like anyone has different idea or method, they are haters

Of-curse there is a good people they are very respect to Microsoft technology as we respect them but they out of the scope. So let’s Summary the categories, Failures, Shallow and Haters, WOW that’s exactly what they are

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