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MVC 2.0 condensed summary for beginner

I used to create a condensed document when I start in any new area or technology, so here is the document of MVC 2.0, this document version 1.0 and it contains the valuable information I meet in my journey reading new books, articles, learning videos or experience specially after my first project that I started and decide to use MVC 2.0, I will add new points as much as I face. You can use this document as a Pocket Guide Reference because it has the final information in a very quick manner so you can access the information very easy and get the final result quickly This document is 27 pages is equivalent to hundred pages of normal book or articles reading so this document will save time and effort to get out of the result that you need and expected to use. You can also use this document as code snippets for the most needed code in MVC 2.0, so you will find most information written with code examples to support copy and past snippets To download the document click here it contain 49 point as the following Table of content 1. Code nuggets 2. How to use ID in the URL 3. Retrieve value from query string 4. Using for each inside the view page 5. Using ViewModel Technic 6. Add view as a strongly typed view (loosely type is the opposite) 7. ViewData and TempData 8. ActionLink 9. Action method parameters 10. Ajax.ActionLink

  1. End-to-end parameter flow 12. Scaffold View templates 13. Strongly type view different inherits IEnumerable Or Object based on Scaffold templates 14. HTML Helper important methods 15. Extending HtmlHelpers class ( Truncate method) 16. Ajax.BeginForm(). 17. Creating a Shared view for Edit and create 18. Generated Edit View for complex model 19. Writing HTTP-GET Edit Controller Action 20. Controller 21. Reading Form Data 22. Simple Unit test for MVC action method 23. Handel unknown actions 24. Change the action method name 25. The action method need data to work and the source can be 26. Some good info you may need to access in your controller action method 27. Action results 28. View search location 29. Specify the view technic 30. Explicit and Implicit using ViewData.model 31. Return strong type form action method 32. Resend the Create form if server validation is not valid 33. If you use Entity Framework it better to create the context object 34. Controller. UpdateModel and TryUpdateModel 35. Validation Attributes 36. Input validation vs. business rules validation 37. View Engine 38. Content Result 39. Partial view 40. Html.RenderPartial() vs. Html.RenderAction()
  2. Nullable important property and methods 42. Service layer for MVC
  3. Client validation as JSON format 44. Html.DisplayFor and Html.EditorFor 45. Create a drop down list 46. ScaffoldTable and ScaffoldColumn Attributes 47. MVC filters 48. ModelState 49. EditorTemplates and DisplayTemplates
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