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New Feature to generate test data with fluent API in DevMagicFake

Hello, I received very good suggestions and feedback from Maatren Balliauw, really thanks Maarten for your valuable opinions and ideas :-) the most important suggestion was about making a fluent interface for my framework (DevMagicFake), of course there are data generation but with file configuration only, I planned to support better way but really Maatern give me very good opinions, And now I complete this feature and here how it will work When we work we need test data for testing our application, we need generator for our classes so we can perform the desired business scenarios, now we can use DevMagicFake for data generation in our domain model using fluent API instead of file configuration. [Note: this feature not released yet, so if anyone need to use it, he will need to download the latest reversion of the project from CodePlex and just make a local build on his machine.]{style=”color: #ff0000;”} So if we write the following code

So this will generate data as the following:


The rules can be set using the following methods:


Now there are 3 methods for putting rules for your data generation

  • RuleUsesClassProperty( )
  • RuleUsesDataType( )
  • RuleUsesPropertyOnly( )

Each method can use one of the 4 types of generation of the following

  • GeneratFromList()
  • GenerateFromRange( )
  • GenerateFromValue( )
  • GenerateFromRandom( )

Finally you can controller the null percentage if needed

  • NullPercentage( )

And remember the data generation is a secondary goal of DevMagicFake , the main goal is to provide a way of real repository for your business classes in memory with all the methods that you may need to stop writing any faking code and be productive and working real TDD (Test Driven Development ) and (Test Driven Design) I hope to get more feedback for improvement and new feature that will really help.


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