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Now, OceanSoft upgraded to TFS 11 beta with �Go Live� support!

OceanSoft now complete upgrading TFS 2010 to TFS 11 Beta. Why? New features, better performance, many enhancements, easy upgrade, Microsoft will not put "Go Live" tag on the Visual Studio Beta 11 without give the real support and trust of the product, it will be committed to support us, it will support our production project to be going into RTM, what is that means? It means that, it will be available tool to upgrade our TFS 11 beta to RC and RTM, so Microsoft offers support to assist us with using Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET 4.5 Beta in a production environment. In some cases, support may entail installing a hotfix, using a workaround, or installing a later build. To receive support, we just need to register our accounts on Microsoft Connect. So what we are waiting for?! Let's get the value For more information about "Go Live" see the following link

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