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TFS 2013 Access Level for Team Web Access features

Using TFS as a client requires a TFS Client Access License (CAL). In older versions of TFS (TFS 2010), there was a built-in group called TFS Work Item Only View (WIOV) that we could use for all people that we didn’t want to have CAL. They would be able to create work items and only see what they created. See the following image from TFS 2010.

work item only view WIOV

In TFS 2012 and TFS 2013, this was introduced through Access Levels. It also controls the features we want to enable for them, not only from a licensing perspective but also from a security or restriction perspective as well.

Limited Access TFS 2013

Standard Access TFS 2013

Full Access TFS 2013

Remember that we can change the default Access Level, so I don’t need to go to Access Level and assign this level every time I create a project.

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