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Upgrade Visual Sourcesafe to Team Foundation Server 2012

In this post I will explain how to upgrade and migrate projects or repositories from VSS or Visual SourceSafe 2005 to TFS or Team Foundation Server 2012.

1-Upgrade VSS Projects to TFS 2012 intro

A step by step video for the post:

  1. Open Visual SourceSafe Administration.

2-Open VSS Administration

  1. Create new Database or Repository for VSS Projects.

3-Create new DB

  1. Click Next and select the location of the Database. I create a folder called Marvel-VSS.

4-Select location of DB

  1. Create a project inside that Repository. Its name will be MVCProject.

5-Add Project

  1. Create a mapping folder on the local HDD. Its name will be My Work.

6-Set working folder in VSS

  1. Navigate to the folder using Windows Explorer and add a new text file as an example of the source code of your project. I typed “Hello World!” inside the file.

7-Add file to the project

  1. Add the existing source code (text file) to the VSS Repository.

8-Add file to VSS

  1. Check-in files into the VSS.

9-Check-in files

  1. Navigate to the second machine that has TFS 2012 and create a new project. Its name will be Marvel-TFS.

10-Create new Team Project

  1. Download the Visual Source Safe Upgrade Tool

11-Visual-SourceSafe Upgrade tool

  1. Install the upgrade tool.

12-setup upgrade tool

  1. Launch VSS Upgrade Tool Wizard and browse to the Marvel-VSS Repository on the VSS machine. Click on List Available Projects to retrieve the project from that Repository, click on the check-box and then click Next.

13-VSS Upgrade wizard

  1. Browse to the created project on TFS (Marvel-TFS) and select it.

14-Choose team project to migrate on

  1. Click Next and then click on Verify. After that click on Upgrade.

15-Readness Checks

  1. Review the completion of the upgrade.


  1. Review the team project on TFS to make sure that the source code has been migrated successfully.

17-examin the file on the TFS

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