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What really make DevMagicFake is a Valuable Framework???

There are 2 main points that make DevMagicFake really a valuable framework

  • It came and used in real life Enterprise Solutions
  • It developed using TDD for Development and Design
  • It came and used in a real life Enterprise Solutions

The Idea came from my previous project for Enterprise Project, its from about 1.5 years ago, and it will be used in real Enterprise Project, I am now working on real Enterprise Solution that will use MVC3, JQuery, EF 4.1 and many other new technologies At the beginning of the current project development I decide to finish and publish DevMagicFake on CodePlex so I can really get feedback to enhance its usage in my real current project When I start the first phase of my current Enterprise Project, I found using DevMagicFake wast amazing not because I am the one that create it of-course :-), but because it really gives me what I expect, I will keep improve it as needed to my real life development and this also will give DevMagicFake a real value for me an for it's users

  • It developed using TDD for Development and Design

From the beginning the goal of DevMagicFake drives me to design and develop it using TDD so in most cases I start creating unit Test firsts and then generate the code from the usages of the unit test and then start code the body of the methods, so it's really pure TDD, and to be honest not in all it's actions but in most of them, because sometimes I don't know what exactly to do unless I create the unit test Also the existing of unit testing making me be able to ongoing refactor the code without loosing the integration or corrupting the features so it's always improved in design and code with fair level of confidence of it's features I hope to get more feedback form it's users so we can always improve it for our real life development and be more productive . Believe me you will be more productive, accurate, stronger, confidence, when you really start using DevMagicFake Thanks

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