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Why I don't like Saturday and Sunday!

Blog status When you start looking to my blog status on Wordpress, you will realize the truth which is why I don't like Saturday and Sunday at all, in a simple word, it is the community vacation, of course it's not only in on my blog, it's everywhere in MSDN forum, Stackoverflow, emails, I can feel that with the number of asked questions and the number of answers. I feel like the community is shutting down during these days and it coming back after them, this also reflect very important points, that people outside, most of my visitors, respect weekend so much as they respect their work, work hard and play hard. But unfortunately here we don't work hard or even play hard but we sleep hard!!! this our probelm that we try to change in our community and I believe we will make a huge different but without the real community follow and feedback we talk to ourselves. So the day that Saturday **and **Sunday grown up and become longer than the others, the day that I Know our local and regional community is coming up. We are rally working for the **Rise of Local and Regional Community ** Join us to sucess together MEA ALM Community

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