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How to solve some Dynamics CRM deployment and permissions errors

If you face any of the following problems, While installing Dynamics CRM getting error at “System Checks” regarding permission for DB Window Active Directory issue during CRM installation Unable to create CRM Organization using PowerShell. Unable to Import CRM Organization Permissions error while using Import-CrmOrganization to import a Dynamics CRM Organization SysAdminCheck raising error: You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on the specified organization database The current user does not have required permissions (read/write) for the following Active Directory group: CN=ReportingGroup Permission error on the report server folders

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Make sure that CRM service accounts and user accounts have the right permission for Active Directory, local machine, SSRS security, SQL Server security.

For Active Directory: Make sure that needed accounts (user and service) are part of the following groups and provide Full Control permission for the needed accounts to:

  • Full Control on the Reporting Group
  • All [administration]{.gt-baf-back} on the PrivReporting Group
  • Total Control to the SQLAccess Group
  • Perfect Control on the PrivUser Group

Active Directory CRM Reporting Group and permissions

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Active Directory CRM Reporting Group and permissions added to SQL

For local admin: Adding your needed accounts (user and service) to local admin if possible will solve many issues for SSRS permission otherwise add them to SSRS.

For SSRS: Add needed accounts (user and service) under the Site Settings and under the Home Folder settings security.

For SQL Server: Make sure that needed accounts (user and service) have sysadmin or create DB permission.


The most important user account is the account you used to log in and manage Dynamics deployment. The most important service account is the service account used for CrmDeploymentServiceAppPool.

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