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I am now a Visual Studio ALM MVP!!

If you really fall in love with someone I think the best thing ever on the earth is that this person loves you too, this is the Visual Studio ALM MVP for me, it's simply that Visual Studio ALM loves me too.… Today I just received an e-mail told me that Visual Studio really loves me is the content.. Dear Mohamed Radwan, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2012 Microsoftr MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Visual Studio ALM technical communities during the past year. Also in this email:

  • About your MVP Award Gift
  • How to claim your award benefits
  • Your MVP Identification Number
  • MVP Award Program Code of Conduct

The Microsoft MVP Award provides us the unique opportunity to celebrate and honor your significant contributions and say "Thank you for your technical leadership."

It's really amazing to join the Visual Studio ALM MVPs group that is always inspired and learned me a lot. Thanks for all people around me, family that stand beside me, support and understand my passion, thanks for friends for being there and encourage me all the time and even thanks for my enemies that challenge me to prove that software can be really preformed as it is suppose to be and we can be the best only if we really believe that we are. I really want to thank Microsoft including all people nominated me, thanks for Visual Studio team for this great and wonderful product that we will keep to improve together and special thanks for Mike Fourie Charles Sterling, Brian Keller and Gregg Boer

My MVP Award Kit!

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