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Why do you want to be an MVP???

The most asked questions in the Microsoft technology communities about Microsoft MVP is how do I become a Microsoft MVP? Tarun Arora has a great post about how to become an MVP and also some benefits of becoming an MVP, which include some free subscriptions and programs for different and beautiful brands. But I want to answer another question which is why do you want to be an MVP?

Of course, you don’t want to be an MVP for some subscriptions and programs. Actually, they are part of your award from the community. It’s really nice and awesome to be awarded from Microsoft and from the community too :-). Most of the subscriptions and programs companies have MVPs inside and they know exactly what the MVP means, and this is the reason that they made them available for free.

So why do you want to be an MVP? This is the question that I ask anyone who asks about how to become an MVP. Every MVP loves the Blue Badge, and no one can deny this, but they do not only work to get it. I have had a lot of discussions with many MVPs before becoming an MVP, and besides their passion and experience, they have a common thing: they will really help you and guide you to become an MVP if they really feel that you are a real MVP because they believe in the value that you will add to the community. Most of the MVPs I communicate with show great support and help for me, and some of them contact me and offer help without asking and even without being a close friend. These are the real MVPs. But they will never give you even a look if you just work for the badge, and they will know that.

For me, becoming an MVP gives me the opportunity to be an insider and have closed communication with the product team, and this will help me to enhance my knowledge, the community, and Visual Studio. This is exactly what I really want.

If you only work to get the badge, you will never get it, and if you could, you will lose it. So just work to make the community better for you and for me, and you will get it with all our respect and support….

Mohamed Radwan
Visual Studio ALM MVP

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