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Live Webinar: CI/CD Build Test and Deploy to Kubernetes Cluster on Azure Cloud

Live Webinar: CI/CD Build Test and Deploy to Kubernetes on Azure Cloud

This live event will cover CI/CD using Azure Pipelines for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes cluster on Azure

Live Webinar for Group (A) (Well structured) as below:
Title: CI/CD Build Test and Deploy to Kubernetes Cluster on Azure Cloud
Level: Advanced
Time: 1 hour

  • Quick Overview about Kubernetes
  • Understanding Pod in Kubernetes
  • Understanding Node in Kubernetes
  • Quick Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Kubernetes With and Without AKS
  • Quick Introduction Azure Container Registry
  • End-to-End CI/CD for Kubernetes on Azure


  • Create Azure DevOps project with a sample web app
  • Install Azure Pipelines Kubernetes extension
  • Create Azure Container Registry
  • Create Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Create Azure SQL Server and Azure SQL DB
  • Configure Azure Build Pipelines to get the image, build image then push the image
  • Configure Azure Release Pipelines to deploy DB and docker image to AKS
  • Run the build and release pipelines and examine the web app
  • Navigate to Kubernetes web dashboard for Kubernetes clusters

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