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How to become a DevOps expert?

I have received many questions from people asking me how to start their careers in DevOps and what is the best roadmap. First of all, you need to know that DevOps is not just pipelines or automation; DevOps is wider and bigger than that. DevOps covers the End-to-End process for the entire organization. You can always start with pipelines, but you should understand the full picture across all areas and even improve some of your skills over all of them. Learning how to use tools and technologies is not difficult but learning when, where, and how to employ them in the right place, time, and direction is the most challenging part.

So, I would suggest following the next plan whether you are very new to DevOps or even an expert who is still struggling. Some parts of this plan will restate any misconceptions you had and give you the big picture you need to understand. Sometimes you may not understand all the topics in this plan, either practices or tools and technologies, but try to continue, and you will find by reaching the end of the plan, it will clear many things you didn’t understand in the beginning. Also, I am planning to go live for free Q&A sessions to answer any questions regarding any misunderstood parts and open the doors for complex parts as well as sharing real experiences regarding people’s questions.

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Here is the plan:

DevOps Expert

Watch the following videos. Please respect the order.

DevOps Videos

Once you complete all videos, read the books in the image. Once you complete this plan, you will not be an expert, but you will know what you need to know and the right direction for your future plans to become an expert.

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