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Upgrade TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 with Migration to a New Hardware - Part 9 - Summary

In this blog series, I explain a step-by-step tutorial on how to upgrade an existing TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 Update 1 with the migration to new hardware. The series includes videos and images as well. In the last post, I will include one video that collects all parts for a one-shot view. This series consists of the following parts:

Each part consists of one or many sections as needed.

All the series were enhanced and featured as a Complete Guide for Upgrading TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 with Migration to a New Hardware.

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Part 9 - Summary

In this final part of the series, we summarize the entire process of upgrading TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 with migration to new hardware. This guide provided detailed steps and resources to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing downtime and preserving data integrity.

Key Steps Covered in This Series

  1. Preparation:
    • Introduced the upgrade process.
    • Prepared SharePoint for the new TFS environment.
  2. Setting Up the New Environment:
    • Prepared the new machine and installed SQL Server.
    • Installed TFS 2012 Update 1 and backed up databases and reporting keys.
  3. Data Migration:
    • Restored databases and reporting encryption keys to the new SQL Server.
  4. Configuration:
    • Configured TFS 2012, ensuring all services and features were properly set up.
  5. Verification:
    • Verified the success of the upgrade and performed additional configurations.
  6. Build Services:
    • Upgraded TFS 2012 Build Service, ensuring the build environment was running the latest version.

Best Practices and Tips

  • Backup Everything: Always ensure you have current backups of all databases and encryption keys before starting the upgrade.
  • Test the Upgrade Process: If possible, perform a test upgrade in a staging environment to identify and resolve any issues beforehand.
  • Follow Documentation: Adhere to the official documentation and guides to ensure compatibility and support.


Upgrading TFS is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. By following this comprehensive guide, you can successfully upgrade your TFS environment, taking advantage of the new features and improvements in TFS 2012.

For further information and detailed steps, refer to the individual parts of this series or visit the CodePlex project page.

By completing this upgrade, your TFS environment will be more robust, feature-rich, and better equipped to handle modern development workflows.

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